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We offer safe, flood-free, flexible and affordable storage services. Our state-of-the-art warehouse ensures that your things don’t get infested with pests or damaged by harsh weather while they stay with us.

Handing In Your Belongings

You have two options for handing in your items to us. Either you drop them off in our facility or you let us help you with the packing before moving them to the warehouse. Call us when you need to retrieve your items; we can transport them to your office or back to your home if needed.

Storage Lease Options

Storage is either long-term or short term, but we also accept a monthly-based lease. Our solutions cover everyone.

Safe and Clean Storage Areas

We ensure a clean and safe place for your belongings. On-site security employees and state-of-the art surveillance cameras serve as the main protection for your belongings. Our double-lock system is a security bonus, and we also have a record tracking system for stored articles.

Different Options for Different Businesses

Royal Movers understands that different businesses have different goals. If you need fast delivery of your items, we offer a 24-hour-turnaround-time shipment. Choose the assembly, shipping, and docking options that fit your business.

The first step is to get a quote from us. Learn more about different services that we offer including shipping, docking capabilities, facility management, order fulfillment, packing, and assembly. We’ll make sure everything is clear about prices.

The next step is to get in touch with us. We have an online contact form for you to fill up. You may also call our 24 hour helpline number. We will show you how moving, storage and shipping is properly done.

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It was a great experience while using the Royal Movers services, professional and reliable, items moved safely to our new office, Recommended!!!!.

Johni, Bur Dubai


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