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Practical Tips to Help You Move to Your New Home

Royalmovers82 Tips in Organizing Your Move

Tick mark332 Moving to your new home is a great opportunity to organize your things as well as purge the inventory of the things you own. To organize the task, you can categorize your things into “donate,” “sell” and “pitch” for the things you want to go away. Then, you can call a charitable organization to pick up the items you want to donate.

Tick mark445 Packing the items you have accumulated over time can also be a great opportunity to reminisce the past. However, you need to do the task fast so fight the urge and be sure to get the items packed instead of taking a trip down memory lane. You will have enough time for that once you moved in.

Tick mark2234 There’s no need to carry with you grocery items that have been expired months ago. Throw them out.

Tick mark752 Remember, paper can be heavy once they pile up. Hence, don’t carry with you outdated documents and junk mails. However, be sure to shred documents that contain personal information.

Tick mark56t Get a binder with plastic sleeves to organize all the papers as well as information you need for your moving day. This can serve as your all-in guide on the day you move out.


Royalmovers8q1 Tips for More Organized Packing Up


Tick mark Start by packing items inside each room and items that you seldom use. For instance, you can start packing items inside a guest room, then pack out-of-season clothes and other bulk items.

Tick mark Be sure to have supplies easily accessible. You can wear an apron or a belt with pockets to hold tapes, labels, markers and a small journal to write down reminders.

Tick mark Designate a packing area for every room. You need a specific area for supplies and empty boxes as well as a space for packed boxes, a packing area, and one place to pile up the things you want to give away without crowding the space that you can’t roam around the room.

Tick mark Avoid using weak boxes that could break under pressure. You can try using different cardboard boxes, which will safeguard your valuables during the move out.

Tick mark Pack heavier items using small boxes and take note to pack every box containing heavy items at the bottom.

Tick mark As you put the items in the boxes, dust them off using a microfiber cloth. Your items will be clean once you unpack them.

Tick mark Be certain that all boxes must be filled out completely to avoid damages during the move. You can use bundled-up paper to fill empty spaces and corners.

Tick mark Get some plastic wraps or large furniture bags to pack your upholstered items. This is important if you are moving on your own. Doing this will save your couch or sofa even if they are splashed with mud along the way.

Tick mark Shake the boxes before you seal them. When the things inside are rattling or sliding, add more bundled-up papers to fill out the empty spaces.

Tick mark Use newsprint for wrapping your items. Newsprint doesn’t give smudges like newspapers and it offers great padding.

Tick mark Take note to buy mattress bags or you can ask your hired movers to bring along on the hauling day, unless you are willing to spend your first night in your new home on a dirty mattress.

Tick mark Use sealable plastic bags to keep your bathroom essentials, which can leak out during the move.

Tick mark Use wardrobe boxes to keep your clothes wrinkle-free. Most moving companies can even lend you a wardrobe boxes, as long as you get them back unscathed.

Tick mark Put pillows, textiles and other clothing inside a clear plastic bag before you place them inside boxes. Never use black garbage bags in moving items, because you might mistakenly throw them out as garbage.

Tick mark Use bundled paper on the top layer to safeguard items in a box from being damaged once you unpack the box using a knife.

Tick mark Large frame glasses must be contained in a special frame to protect the glass as well as the edges. Create an X using a maskingtape across the glass to fortify it and to hold the glass in case they break during the move out.

Tick mark Use colored papers to wrap small items. Choose those that are in bright colors so that smaller items will stand out and will not be accidentally thrown away.



Royalmovers83 Tips in Labelling Your Move out Boxes


Tick mark Use your computer to make labels for your boxes. Use a number or color coding system to make the labelling faster instead of writing the labels manually on every box.

Tick mark Every numbered label must correspond to a general list that you keep in your binder. This will make it easier to find precisely what you are searching for by listing the items contain n every numbered box.

Tick mark Create a “this side up” arrow on every side of the boxes to make certain that your movers will not mistakenly place the box downside.

Tick mark Be sure to label cords, cables and plugs. Once you are reconnecting your electrical appliances, you will surely be thankful that you don’t need to spend a lot of time figuring out which cord goes into your units.

Tick mark Label boxes on every side and not on the top or bottom. This will make certain that you will see what is inside without the need to move the boxes around.

Tick mark Label all boxes containing fragile materials with a red marker, or you can buy “fragile” stickers.



Tips to Save Money alt="Royalmovers8"


Tick mark Ask your family and relatives if they can spare some durable boxes, tape guns and other supplies you need.

Tick mark Search online or post a request on local message forums to check if anyone in the area has spare boxes that you can use for the move out.

Tick mark Use newspaper as padding at the bottom of boxes and around items that are already padded with news print. Just be reminded that your fingers may be smudged from handling newspapers and there’s also a risk of staining items that you are packing.

Tick mark Use bubble wrap for very fragile items. Bubble wraps could be costly so use them wisely.

Tick mark Use a box estimator online to ascertain how many boxes you need for the move. Most companies will allow you to return unused boxes. Hence it is best to go beyond your initial order.

Tick mark You can use plastic shopping bags as padding or provide a layer between two items in the box.

Tick mark You can also use towels and bed sheets as added padding in boxes containing fragile items. This is hitting two birds with one stone because you are padding and packing at the same time.


Royalmovers8 What to Do When You Move Out


Tick mark Create a kit containing items that you will need to clean your home before leaving. Make certain that this is easily accessible and keep this inside a box, which will be among the first boxes you will unpack in your new home.

Tick mark If you need to disassemble furniture, make certain to keep all hardware in a sealable clear plastic bag that you will take with you. Never let these essential parts get lost or else you will find it difficult to assemble your furniture.

Tick mark Be sure to designate priority boxes containing the things that you will need as soon as you unpack. This includes cleaning supplies, dishes, pans, toiletries, work clothes, etc. Be sure to label them using a number or color code to make certain they are the first boxes you will unpack.

Tick mark Check every door and drawer in your old home, and make certain that there are no items still inside. Also check appliances too such as dishwashers and washing machines.

Tick mark Don’t concentrate only on packing the things inside your home. Make certain to do a fast sweep of your yard, garden, or shed.

Tick mark Take note of the dings and scratches on your furniture before you move. Taking pictures can be great to record the original condition of the furniture.

Tick mark Professional movers vary the value that they put on your items. Be sure to check with your insurance policy for coverage and ask about any coverage for moving valuable items.


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