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Avoid the Hassles of Moving with this Comprehensive Checklist

Moving to your new home can be challenging and really stressful. Even with the help of a professional mover, it is still crucial that you also prepare yourself, your family and your old home. This is the main reason why we offer you this complete checklist to help you survive the whole moving process from the moment you decide to find another home until you finally reach your new place.


12 Weeks before You Move

Create a list of your important possessions
Tick mark Start creating a draft floor plan for your new home, which includes the specific place for your larger items
Tick mark Decide on the things you want to take with you to your new home
Tick mark For items that you don’t want to take with you such as an old car, search for ways to discard them. You can either sell the car or donate it to charity. If you have school kids, you can now start searching nearby schools
Tick mark Arrange the transfer of your kids’ school records
Tick mark Get an insurance to cover your move
Tick mark Start asking your friends if they can help on the day you need to move



6 Weeks before You Move



Tick mark Clean cupboard and check the things you want to take with you
Tick mark For the items that you don’t want, try selling them or giving them away. Take note that professional movers charge by the volume of things they need to haul away. Hence, the more you bring the higher the price you need to pay.
Tick mark If you are planning to hold a get-together to at least make some good memories with your neighbors, you can start sending an invitation now.
Tick mark If you are moving to another place because of a new job offer, determine what expenses will be covered by your employer.



4 Weeks before You Move



Tick mark Finalize the date of your move out so you can begin finding a removal company.
Tick mark Hire the services of a moving company, but make certain that you find a company that is professional and reliable. Be sure to ask about the rates and take note that many companies are charging higher rates during holidays and weekends.
Tick mark If still you don’t have insurance to cover the move out, you can check with your moving company because they may also offer insurance or could refer you to reliable insurance companies.
Tick mark If you are moving out to a distant place, make sure to tune up your car’s engine so that it will be easier to travel to your new home.
Tick mark If your new home has been uninhabited for some time, arrange cleaning services to have the carpets shampooed, and clean the walls, floors and inside cupboard. You can even request for spring cleaning to get rid of dust and allergens from your home.
Tick mark Send out your new address to your friends, relatives as well as important companies such as bank, insurance companies, health provider, etc.
Tick mark Begin packing items that are not needed for your daily living.
Tick mark Learn the dress code in your kids’ new school and order new uniforms if needed.
Tick mark Arrange a locksmith to meet you during the moving day so that your locks will be changed immediately.
Tick mark Check the food in your refrigerator. Make a meal plan so you can consume all your food because it is not recommended to bring along your frozen food with you.



2 Weeks before You Move



Tick mark Dispose safely all materials and chemicals that require special disposal. This includes paints, flammable liquids, oils, chemical bottles, etc.
Tick mark Make certain that you have enough supply of prescription medicines. Stock up on essential medicines such as cold remedies, painkillers, as well as anti-allergies and medications for kids.
Tick mark Cancel your local subscriptions such as newspapers, magazine, milk, groceries, etc.



1 Week before You Move



Tick mark Secure all your essential documents such as passports, house titles, driving licenses, cash, jewellery, and insurance plans in one sturdy, waterproof box and put it in a place where you will not easily lose it.
Tick mark Keep all papers related to your moving in one plastic envelope for easy access.
Tick mark Finish packing the items you will bring with you.
Tick mark Label and number all boxes.
Tick mark Prepare a comprehensive directions and final itinerary with your contact numbers for your chosen moving company.
Tick mark Pay all outstanding local subscription bills.
Tick mark Return all books you have borrowed from the library as well as all items you have borrowed from your neighbors.
Tick mark Give away all potted plants that you will not take with you.
Tick mark Take your pets to their vets, particularly if they are not used in travelling.
Tick mark Clean your yard.
Tick mark Be sure you have enough cash to pay for moving services and extra cash for incidental expenses.
Tick mark Defrost freezer and make sure it is dry before moving.
Tick mark Dispose all unwanted medications properly.
Tick mark Arrange for mail redirection service.



1 Day before You Move



Tick mark Make sure you have the keys to your new home.
Tick mark Call your friends and relatives about the details of your move and remind them that you need help.
Tick mark Perform a comprehensive, final sweep of your new home to make certain that have not missed anything. You can do this once all your things are packed into one pile. Check under beds, inside cupboard, and kitchen to make sure you don’t forget anything.
Tick mark Pack beddings and place it inside one box and properly label it. This will help you put on beddings on your new bed easily.


On the Day You Move



Tick mark Stay in your home until your hired movers have completed the pack up.
Tick mark Roam around the house one more time to check if you have not missed anything.
Tick mark Ensure that all windows are locked.
Tick mark Ensure that water, electricity and gas supplies are turned off.
Tick mark The moving company will ask you to sign an inventory checklist. Be sure to check the list before you sign.


Once You Are In Your New Place



Tick mark Arrange the journey so that you will arrive in your new place before the movers so you can easily guide them where you want your boxes to be placed. This task is easier if you have prepared a floor plan and you have labelled the boxes accordingly.
Tick mark Stay for the whole duration of the unpacking of items and make certain that you account all the things you have in your inventory.
Tick mark Check if there are missing or damaged items. The company will ask you to sign a release paper, so you must only sign if you are sure.
Tick mark Place important documents and valuable items in a secured place.
Tick mark Make certain that you have new set of keys to your new home.
Tick mark Read the meters for electricity, water and gas before you start using them.
Tick mark Check the house to make certain that the previous residents have not left anything important. If you found something, you can arrange a delivery to them after several days.
Tick mark Write down all the important and emergency numbers in your area. This includes hospitals, vets, police, and fire.


One Day After You Have Moved In



Tick mark Give your new home a quick clean. If you have your friends and family, this task will be easier.
Tick mark Connect your telephones to be certain that you can be called.
Tick mark If your kids are old enough, allow them to set up their own rooms. If you have toddlers, be sure to have one adult who can baby sit for a while other are busy with the new house.
Tick mark If you have pets, place them in one room until you are all settled in.
Tick mark Arrange local deliveries and subscriptions.
Tick mark Take short walks.
Tick mark Talk to your neighbors and make new friends.


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