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30 Essential Tips to Survive Moving to Your New Home

Moving from one home to another is proven to be laborious and stressful even if you enlist the help of your friends or hire professional movers. You need to make certain that all your things will be packed safely, moved with ease, and arrive at your new home without too much hassle. For this reason, we have compiled the 30 helpful tips to help you complete the moving process unscathed.

Tips Mark 1. Use a clear plastic box to keep the items you need first when you arrive to your new home. A clear plastic box will allow you to see inside and look for important things such as paper towels, small cookware, phone chargers, box cutter, phone chargers, etc. This will also separate the box from other cardboard boxes.

Tips Mark 2. Use clothing to wrap your breakables (glasses and dishes)


This will save you on bubble wrap and will allow you to pack kitchenware and clothes at the same time. For added padding, you can pack glasses and stemware using clean socks.


Tips Mark 3. Keep all your essentials in one overnight bag!

There’s a high chance that you will be too tired to unpack your things when you arrive at your new home. Hence, it will be of great help to contain all the things you need for the day in one bag such as toiletries or the things you need to work. You can also keep your gadgets, which could have the risk of being stolen when you move.


Tips Mark 4. Aside from marking the boxes on what they contain, also label them on what room they’ll be going. Once you arrive in your new home, it is recommended to unpack according to room. This method is more organized. It is also best to label the sides and not the tops to easily identify the boxes even if they are on top of each other.


Tips Mark 5. If possible, visit your new place before the move out day and clean the kitchen and the bathroom

The bathroom and kitchen are two of the most difficult rooms to clean. It will be easier for you to clean them beforehand. You can stock some new bath essentials if you want to relax and take a shower after a long day. If you are quite busy, you can hire house cleaning services to do the job.


Tips Mark 6. Wrap the openings of toiletries with plastic wrap, and then place the tops back

Doing this will avoid toiletries from leaking and breaking during the move.


Tips Mark 7. Pack vinyl records as well as plates vertically. This will prevent them from breaking during the move.


Tips Mark 8. Add cotton pads into your powder cosmetics. This will prevent breaking of powder makeup.


Tips Mark 9. Keep drawers/cabinet intact by wrapping them with plastic wraps

Drawers are similar to moving boxes. Moving the actual dresser is more manageable because this will keep you from having to unpack items.


Tips Mark 10. Plastic Wraps is also great for packing your jewelry display intact


Tips Mark 11. Get a roll of stretch plastic wrap

The stretch plastic wrap works similarly like kitchen plastic wrap, but they are much bigger. You can even use a bigger roll to group your items together.


Tips Mark 12. Defrost your fridge at least one day before you move out

Also make certain that you wipe up any liquid and dry out the fridge unless you want to have a stinky wet mess when you reach your place


Tips Mark 13. Hire a sitter for your pets and children

This is often helpful particularly for same-city moves. If you don’t want to hire a sitter, you can ask a friend or a relative to look after your pets and kids. The last thing you need is to worry about losing track of your kids on a stressful day.


Tips Mark 14. Buy your last groceries two week before you move

The more food you consume before moving, the less you have to throw out. Be sure to consume all your food in the fridge so it will be easier for you to prepare it before the move out.


Tips Mark 15. Call a local charity organization to pick up the things you will not take with you.

This will save you the hassle of taking the things there on your own. You can also choose to give away kitchen items and clothes to your family, friends or neighbors.


Tips Mark 16. If you have items that you want to dispatch but are too expensive to give, you can sell them online at least a month before you move.

This is a simple way to make you feel like you are not putting things off, and you may be able to make enough money to spend on your moving day. All you need to do is to have an online account with auction sites such as eBay. Be sure to have your camera around because you need to take pictures of the items you want to sell. However, it takes time to sell online so you need to do this several weeks


Tips Mark 17. Send out your new address!

This may seem like an easy stuff, but don’t ignore this. You need to send your new address to your credit card provider, bank, insurance provider, newspaper subscriptions, etc. Also don’t forget to send out your new address to your family and friends who are living far away. Be sure to include your new contact numbers if necessary.


Tips Mark 18. If you are moving cross country and you don’t need most of your things right away, try shipping them. This option is often inexpensive. Just be sure to pack your items tightly, because shipping boxes could be beaten up while on transit.


Tips Mark 19. Use a bar of soap to fill nail holes in your previous home.

As a courtesy to the next resident, be sure to sort out your old home such as filling nail holes with a bar of soap.


Tips Mark 20. If you are renting, be sure to take pictures of your sorted out old home as well as your new place before you move in.This is important if you want to get deposit back and will save you major hassles with unscrupulous landlords who may charge you extra for repair and cleaning services.


Tips Mark 21. If you are hiring professional movers, be certain to read and understand well the fine print.

Be sure to determine if they have unclear rules. For example, there are movers who like to move things in boxes and not trash bags. This means that you could be paying extra for unnecessary boxes at a higher price. To be sure, only hire professional movers who are reliable and certified to provide great quality moving services.


Tips Mark 22. If you have fragile valuables, getting the services of professional movers is recommended than enlist the help of your friends.Most professional movers come with insurance, which means that if their movers break something, you will be compensated. You need to look into the benefits and drawbacks. They will not be responsible for a TV set that you have not properly packed. Also remember to book them several weeks in advance. Chances are high that you are not the only homeowner to move out especially during weekends.


Tips Mark 23. Number your boxes!

Make a comprehensive list of what is inside every box through a number system. This will make it easier to make certain that you can’t forget any boxes. Also, if you are packing valuables, don’t broadcast to the world all the contents of the box by writing it outside.


Tips Mark 24. Color code your boxes!

Select a color code for every room and label the boxes according to their rooms. Don’t forget to label every room with the corresponding tape so that mowers will know where to place the boxes.


Tips Mark 25. Make everything is packed before your friends come to your place to help

Avoid becoming that horrible person who calls for help and makes them wait or help you pack. If you have several friends, divide them up into different shifts such as setting up to help you move in, and another to help you move once you are in your new place.


Tips Mark 26. Vacuum seal your out-of-season clothes!
This will help you take up less space and can be packed right away. You can also store them up once you have reached your new home.

Tips Mark 27. Aside from food and alcohol, allow your friends who help you move to choose on the things that you originally plan to donate or sell. This is just an extra token, because you will not be paying them.

Tips Mark 28. Use sandwich bags to keep small parts that you need to take apart such as mounted flat-screen TVs and curtain rods. You can tape the sandwich bags at the back of the item. You can use this method for your cords for your electronics.

Tips Mark 29. Use beer boxes to pack books, Beer boxes have handles on the sides, so you can easily carry them when you move out.

Tips Mark 30. Take a picture of how your appliances are connected, so it will be easier to reconnect them later.


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